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We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local artist/musicians make awesome sounding recordings. All rates include an engineer.


Call for Pricing

(up to 4 hrs)


$75 per song

(up to 16 stems)

Yours truly EQ, at your service. let's make some 'new heat'.

I'm gonna' do everything I can to get the best of you vocally.

It's time to turn up!!!

'New Heat'


A mix session with me will leave permanent shock value. This project is gonna' be to hot to hold. Question is, are you ready to Turn it Up!

'Release the Heat'


$35 per song

Wait! I know the track sounds dope already... 

Just one more thing. Before you go out there releasing it,

Add the finishing touch so it's stands out!


'Sonic Heat'


$150 per set

Are you looking to promote yourself as an recording artist, musician or band? Be a guest on "We Live In The Mix,"

The #1 Indie Artist Talkshow!

'The Heat Seat'

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